Joyce is a multi-media artist. She works in watercolor, acrylic and often combines collage into many of her works. She believes, “Collage adds another dimension and extra intrigue to a painting.”

Most of Joyce’s inspiration has come from her travels. She has traveled extensively around the world usually working from her photos soon after she returns home. She says it gives her a sense of completing the journey. People, animals (African) and significant objects are the subjects she loves to paint.

Aside from family, painting and traveling , Joyce loves music and listens to soft Jazz while she works in her studio. Since 2009 she has been going to many Jazz Festivals around the country and often painting the musicians she sees once she is back in her studio.
Joyce Rumack
Joyce has been taking art classes and participating in workshops for most of her life. She taught drawing and painting in the public and private school systems for over twelve years, receiving special recognition as an art educator in both the grammar school and high school levels. She continues to teach adults in a private studio near her home.

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